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On “Vessel,” The Worlders pivot off their highly orchestrated debut, “Forgotten Gospels,” stripping the group's sound of exuberance and grandiosity and swapping it for electronic production with fluidity. Harrowingly deep and smashing grooves fade into ghostly and soothing ambient sound. Illustrative and cerebral lyricism puts life under the looking glass to examine the world beyond face value. The Worlders, now the two-man endeavor of vocalist Michael Patrick Shay and producer Anvil Hands, have maintained their ability to create a distinct blend of experimental hip-hop with “Vessel,” and are more pointed than ever. Seven songs spanning a concise 20 minutes spark a journey through sound and consciousness.


released June 29, 2013

Written by: M. Shay
Produced, mixed, & vocal effects by: Anvil Hands
Recorded, edited, mixed, & mastered by: Think
Art direction & design by: Nate Hart & David Wilson
Published by: Businessmen's Record Club (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


The Worlders Ohio

The Worlders, are an alternative hip-hop group, consisting of producer Anvil Hands and songwriter Michael Patrick Shay. Creating worlds with both words and sound to immerse the listener with a sense of mystery. Anvil Hands' production plays like the soundtrack to a film accompanying Michael Patrick Shay’s poetic lyrics. With each song being an introspective journey of self-reflection. ... more

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Track Name: Legend
Learn to listen to the story told without the weight of a word being spoken
Yielding the glory of a growing hope that cannot be broken
Instilled by the essence that stitched the fabric of existence
Wisdom from all the ages of history could never pierce the veil of eternal mystery
As the timeless truth of our divine roots elusively hides
Behind the masking illusion we wear around our lives
Dwell in endless wells of pondering thought
Wandering lost into the world of an idea to be carried aloft
Track Name: Uncharted
Innocence led astray
Since the dawning age
Falling from grace
Off the narrow path to crooked ways
Fear steals every breath
Fate sealed in every step
Facing the touch of death
No way to know what lies ahead
A failing faith taking the torturous test
Trapped in a maze of mirrors to add to the mess
Clouds of confusion loom
To spell out the days of doom
The stars beautifully bloom
Basking in the last light of the moon
The silence speaks without a sound
Lost in the night’s harrowing howl
With the company to keep
Of wolves dressed in the wool of sheep
Preying upon the weak
Lying in wait for the feast
Coated by filth
As if clothed in robes of silk
Clashing with the will
Bloodthirsty for a thrill
Losing the battle
Slipping into shadow
Scared to dream
The soul sings with a woeful scream
Blind now to what I am
Blind then to what I was
Blind to where I stand
Blind to what I will become
Where we are going
There is no way of knowing
Where we are going
No signs are showing
Track Name: Drown
The lights glare dims
For the nightmares to begin
Chained to the beast inside the skin
Kept caged by the skeleton
The sacred vessel
Disgraced to a temple of devils
Molded into a monster
With the conscience conquered
To wear their cursed crown
As the bearer of power drowns
In their spiraling sanity
From being stripped of humanity
Sinking in the quicksand
Of what is now a loveless land
Gouging out their eyes
While being buried alive
Spared the gruesome scene
Of things you wouldn’t want to believe
For there is no escape
From the grip of the grave
As worse horrors await
At the closing of death’s gate
To imagine the blinding sight
Would madden the mind
Becoming far too late
To save the life that lost it’s way
Who sold their soul for gold
As all that was fought for was in vain
The price that is paid
No wealth is worth what’s thrown away
Coming to know the bane
Of the spirit soaked in shame
Terror fills your eyes
With no end near in sight
Only getting so far
Before things fall apart
Chased by the face of fear
To no place for tears
Afraid of the truth
As it comes back to haunt you
The truth will haunt you
The truth will haunt you
Track Name: Leviathan
Devoured by the jaws of the awing abyss
For the dangerous descent into the mouth of madness
To reap the ruin from bad seeds sown by past deeds
Where the dead rise from their rest while the living are falling fast asleep
A scorching fire burning deep inside
Twisting thorns of churning thoughts coursing through the weakened mind
Yearning with a thirst that cannot be quenched
Drenched in fear wasting years choking on the tears of anguish
The wrenching pain of boiling blood poisoning veins
Fueling the flame to be consumed by bitter rage
As deafening cries crawl across the wind’s whispering breath
Echoing off the hills of the valley of the shadow of death
Welcomed into the bewildering wilderness
To be deserted in the dunes of doubt’s desolate darkness
Amongst the pools of fools chattering with gnashing teeth
Clamoring to warm their bones beside the inferno’s bowels billowing heat
Track Name: Echo of Light
Scared to slip into seducing sleep
Walking the daring depths of a waking dream
Shattering fragile beliefs for the clear sight to see
Everything matters and nothing is what it seems
Rippling the wall of illusion that is seen
With the secrets surfacing from the shallows beneath
On the outside a child ages becoming withered and old
Raised by the unforgiving wild bitten by the bitter cold
No substance for the starving soul
Forced to forge a blackened heart of hardened stone
With a sickly crippled body and badly brittle bones
Trying to stand up on it’s own housing a haunting ghost
Disguised from truth
Confined to frail flesh for a form of sleepless solitude
No knowing of the sacred spirit sealed inside
Until knowledge of the unknown awakens the forsaken mind
Names are erased as faces melt into the masses
Fading into fate as any trace of a trail vanishes
Destiny goes the way the wind blows
In the hands of the guiding tide to wherever the river flows
Follow to a place nowhere nobody knows
As the ocean’s arms open to swallow you whole
To be washed ashore far away from home
Left to make the most of what fortune the future holds
Destiny goes
The way the wind blows
With the guiding tide
To where the river flows
Track Name: Ocean
Sift through the precious seconds as they slip pass
With each golden grain of sand that drains through an hourglass
Disappear for a moment within the mind
Where motion is frozen to break the binding chains of time
Forever unfolds into the ocean the endless eye holds
The fountain that flows with the still waters of the soul
In a desert of deserted dreams far below the sea of sky
The shadow of death drowns in the cresting waves of light
Mountains turned to dust by a word in the wind
Walking with a voice to wake the ghost that glows inside the skin
With the story of a song sung in the rolling breeze
So gloriously told all freely fall to their knees
Finding strength for faith in what hope promises
Cowering before what the power accomplishes
Collapsing reality into nothingness
To transcend into the kingdom of consciousness
We seem so surprised
To find the truth is still alive
When we let our dreams die
And left to live a lie
We seem so surprised
To find the truth is still alive
When we let our dreams die
And left to live a lie
Track Name: Forever
Into the unknown we venture all alone
Born blind to the truth until the light starts to show
Doubts fade as the fruits of hope begin to grow
Paths arise for footsteps to be taken on their own
Torn apart by the convictions of the heart
Leading to the guarded gateway to the stairs of stars
Enter beyond the edge of the horizon
Surrounded by the sanctuary of silence
Dissolving into the gulf of boundless beauty
For the harmony found in the devout doing of duty
Diving into the depth of meaning
The essence in the breath of all that’s breathing
The mystery of the divine
Eternally burning in fiery flames pouring from the eyes
Opening wide to drink the living light
Reflected by the mirrored perfection of paradise
Walk into the light
With open ears and open eyes
Walk into the light
With open hearts and open minds
Walk into the light
With the will to change life
Walk into the light
Walk into the light